Look at the positions of the Baha’i community in relation to the Palestinian Human Rights

These days the tragic dimensions of Gaza, has shown its inhuman face, Every condemnation of the crimes of the various groups around the world face (such as the recent rally Mothers for Peace). Every time news of the crime spread and the number of victims in Gaza is increasing. Not only the quality or quantity of victims of crime are surprised observers have earned. Israel’s use of strange and unusual weapons in an attack on residential areas of Gaza and killing innocents, anger, surprise and sorrow of human society followed. See mortars, each 3 cm over 5000 small metal darts thrown at a radius of 300 meters, has not escaped any moving object. Combine ugly, strange, symbolic of primitivism and civilization. When the World Cup reaches its climax, Palestinian children went to the beach to play, and hours later, the little victims play dirty and deadly Israeli politicians. These days it is not easy to watch the news conference. Not in front of the TV lounge with tea Astkany the “Change the World” followed. The speakers these days, when the news reached Palestine have to repeat the phrase that “some of the images and reports for children and heart patients …” is not appropriate. Not only for the patients whose mutilated corpse watch the children drown in blood is not suitable for any survivors and freedoms. But that’s not all scenes. Behind the scenes pictures of the wall and over the hills overlooking the Gaza released. Mobile cafe where they had set up a group of Israeli bombing in Gaza beer “from above” and safely enjoy watching crime watch, it is also close to lose.

When tragedy at Auschwitz, male and female, young and old for the “Final Solution” was sent to the chambers of death, savagery and violence that was always the big question is how far it can go? And now what is happening in Gaza shows that the descendants of the victims of yesterday, the criminals easily have filled yesterday. Crime and murder have gone on more and more horrible than the Nazi antisemites saw the Jews of Europe, the leaders of Israel and the people of Gaza are abandoned. This is not a tale of crime and savagery and turned that tramples the rights outright, approach the history of Israel.

Now the day of Israel’s crimes face becomes clearer and louder voices condemning the crimes of Israel from around the world. People from anywhere and from any race, color, religion, nationality, against the crimes of Israel and Israel’s disregard for human rights protest. The groups and NGOs that work on human rights, above all and before all the objections have been raised. In Gaza, the clearest and most natural way, because a human right, not as hard as the property can be easily and conveniently. No other explanation was not accepted. Whoever knocks on the door of human rights, the tragedy of Gaza can only be watched.

The collective behavior of my fellow citizens who, due to the historical injustice to them and their rights have been abused, has always been said and written of human rights, it is strange to me. I mean of course the price of your fellow citizens. Baha’is are always and everywhere the perspective of human rights in Iran, especially after the revolution they contend gone. Groups and human rights organizations from this perspective, has always protested human rights violations in Iran. I also have with him the hearts and the word and the fundamental rights of the Baha’is of protesters. What irrespective of religion or belief of his being, people know because being human, I believe that they are entitled to the same rights as others. But the behavior of the Baha’is in dealing with Israel during the time of blood on the night of the disaster intercourse. Human rights were not just protesting the violation of their rights. Human rights, human rights violations against the rights of all human beings and knows it, wherever and to whatever that is objected to. I do not know why the Baha’is of the world’s smallest objection to his crimes in Gaza show? They are protesting against the violation of human rights of Iranian Baha’is their duty, did, in fact, the “human rights” believe? Or that the Baha’i Declaration of Human Rights as an excuse for temporary use? If you believe in human rights for all human beings, and those who protested against the violations, because all these years, not in distant lands right ear Universal House of Justice, the latest of oppression and the protest of the Baha’i community and there is no disaster struck did not hear? Off the coast of Gaza, all flowers blossom Palestinian children shot in chest and throat to fission, but Mosaffa Acre Gardens, Bang Brnkhast any bird. Why? Except the Baha’i claim that they are following the oneness of humanity? How can seek the oneness of humanity and all human beings “once one of the branches and leaves of a” brutal killings and massacres against the Israelis knew that all of protest against the respecting the right of the silence of forced the fellow Take advantage of the media and raised his voice? Bhyyan not in the eyes of the people of the Baha’i fresh leaves, green leaves and useless branches of Palestinian women and children “humanity” are? The House of Justice does not like the attention and support of the Israeli government, to manage the affairs of the Baha’i world and promote the development of the Baha’i Faith is busy, can not protest against the cruelty of long-standing Israel does Not to draw guests in host recognition can be cruel irritability? What then should be asked how the Universal House of justice and injustice and tyrants who cast her in a skirt? How to be proactive seekers of justice was cruel? What kind of justice is that all people are free to contend against injustice, silence is? New evidence of the excuse is worse than a sin. The question of souls is free of cost. Universal House of unacceptable excuses aside, it’s all Baha’i organizations and various groups around the world have, because none of these are permanent protest human rights violations in Iran, in the face of this latest tragedy nothing Do? When it all visionaries, artists and cultural activists and intellectuals, either collectively or individually, in various forms, statement or in the form of art or of street protests and in the Gaza atrocities condemn. Why no price band so far in the history of Israel’s crimes did not show any reaction? Despite the claim that they are not Baha’is, Baha’is because of his special servants of God know? Baha’is do not believe they are God’s chosen people and the other peoples of the protest is going on?

I think this disaster is going on in Gaza, bombs and missiles, and a variety of modern weapons over the Hawar Palestinian people and Palestinian children’s blood that stained the dirt playing fields, examination of human rights for everyone who knocks on the door. I remember some of the defendants’ lawyers Bahai in Iran, Ms. Ebadi. He also defended the court finds that the rights of his famous sermons in the Nobel award ceremony, lost no opportunity to protest the violation of Palestinian rights. Baha’is But unlike his famous lawyer in this field are silent. His silence may indicate disbelief of Human Rights. Silence can be alarming. Let us not forget that the criminal slaughter in Gaza are children of Holocaust victims

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