Is the Baha’i Faith a Persecuted Religion ?

Written by an Ex-Baha’i Member

I am a former Baha’i and a student (admirer) of Shia Islam. I don’t see any intolerance towards Baha’is in any Islamic country, except Iran.

In Iran also, Baha’is are tolerated and entitled to all basic human rights that other Iranians are entitled to. They are only forbidden to teach their ‘religion’ to others and they are also not allowed to form any ‘administration.’ AFAIK, if religion is your personal affair then no one in Iran cares about what you believe.

Baha’i Faith has a very strong administration and tight control over its members. They have political connections with the so called ‘world powers’ and they have ‘Office of External Affairs’ in every country that maintains relations with government offices and influence their foreign policies. They have extremely good relations with Iran hostile countries.

Baha’i Faith is not a ‘simple’ religion like any other religion! This is a religion with strong administration. There is surveillance by Baha’i Police (the ABMs for protection), that monitors individual Baha’i activities, in case of suspicion, problematic Baha’is are warned / punished with sanctions / shunned / ex-communicated. Baha’i faith is considered a dangerous NWO cult in Iran.

Baha’i faith has a long history of violence in Iran, its predecessor, the Babi faith was responsible for at least 3 civil wars that killed 1000s of Iranians.

So, all Baha’i activities are minutely monitored by Iranian government and those Baha’is are prosecuted who violate Iranian laws. Iran hostile countries term this “prosecution” as “persecution” because this serves their agenda. Today there are more than 300000 Baha’is in Iran but only ~70 of them are in prisons for several crimes.

In all other Islamic countries, Baha’is enjoy full freedom. In Pakistan they are a recognized minority, they are represented very well, their holidays are respected and they enjoy all benefits that other minorities enjoy.

In Pakistan Shia community is a more persecuted community. They have lost 1000s of lives in past 3–4 decades.

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