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Nigar Bahai Amsalem of Haifa talks to an interviewer.

Whatever is happening in this World is for New World Order of Baha’u’llah – Baha’i Scholar

Mr. Afshin says that the Baha’is are supposed to stand and see the destruction of the Old World Order excitingly and as the pillars of old World Order collapses, the Baha’is should build a new pillar by teaching their cause to the suffering humanity. This is the Baha’i plan and all this is happening due to Baha’i Faith. Do you agree with this ?



The David Kelly Story

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 Ask any bartender and he will tell you religion and politics are two subjects that should not be discussed while drinking. Mix the two and an altercation is almost sure to develop. With that caveat in mind, readers are cautioned not to imbibe in alcoholic beverages while discussing this article with friends, acquaintances and certainly not strangers.
Dr. David Kelly

we have detailed the knowledge and/or involvement microbiologist David Kelly had in the biowarfare programs of several nations including the UK, US, Russia, South Africa, Israel and Iraq. He was privy to, and an analyst of, much of the information British intelligence gathered around the world pertaining to chemical and biological warfare.

We also discussed Kelly’s disgraceful treatment by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), the resentment that must have fostered making him (in some persons’ eyes) a security risk. This was exacerbated by Kelly’s discussions with commissioning agent Victoria Roddam about writing a book, or at least contributing to an anthology of the many facets of government and industry involvement in biowarfare programs. It could only have heightened concerns in some quarters that Roddam’s publishing company (Oneworld Publications) specializes in works of Islamic scholars and authors.

Kelly, some four years earlier, had converted to the Baha’i faith (a minority branch of Islam) apparently under the influence of Mai Pederson, a U.S. Army linguist and intelligence operative. Pederson was one of several women Kelly evidently considered confidants as he had extensive correspondence with them.

Another was Olivia Bosch, a senior researcher at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (more commonly known as Chatham House or RIIA). A third was Judith Miller, star reporter for the New York Times and a long-time member of the RIIA’s sister organization the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Bosch testified at the Hutton inquiry in to Kelly’s death. Police evidently obtained witness statements from both Miller and Pederson, which have not been made available to the inquiry. The MoD told police that witnesses could opt not to have their statements given to the Hutton “probe.” At the hearings witnesses were not put under oath.

Pederson has since, as the British say, “gone to ground” or disappeared from public view. However she has hired (or had provided for her) a very high profile spokesperson, a lawyer named Mark Zaid. The attorney often represents former/current government employees, intelligence officers and others. He is currently representing the father of Dodi Fayed (who died with Princess Diana in a controversial car accident) in obtaining alleged FBI and CIA documents said to relate to those deaths.

However, in previous articles we might have slighted one of Kelly’s colleagues who may have been closer to him than any of the other three.

Was in Iraq from 1995 to 1998 –

Gabriele Kraatz Wadsack

Gabriele Kraatz Wadsack (pictured right) worked with Kelly in Iraq. She is one of Germany’s top biowarfare experts and is a former head of Unscom’s biological weapons program. She is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the German Army.

Wadsack and Kelly had traveled around the world giving joint presentations to scientists on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Just weeks before Kelly’s death, he was gone for a week in Baltimore, Maryland giving a presentation according to testimony of Mrs. Kelly before the Hutton inquiry.

Upon returning home Kelly sent an e-mail to Gabriele that said in part, “Thanks for a great week. I had a lot on my mind so I know that I was a little subdued. – thanks for being just you!”

Police found a two-page handwritten note in Kelly’s briefcase titled “Gabriele’s concerns.” They say it appears to relate to Iraq and WMD.” However it is being withheld on grounds of personal ”privacy.” Once a regular panelist on TV, Wadsack is refusing interviews and is said to be working at the German Army’s biological weapons facility in Munich.

While Kelly was definitely “plugged in” to the biowarfare scene, there is an undercurrent of possible religious influence on his actions and secret society involvement in his death that may yet generate the biggest controversy.

According to news reports and former members, the national (UK) and international leadership of the Baha’i branch of Islam were solidly behind the removal of Saddam in Iraq, but for their own reasons. Islamic religionists were frozen out of Saddam’s secular Baath socialist government. The Baha’i leadership saw the removal of Saddam as an opportunity to expand their worldwide membership of over three million. It is not clear what the Baha’i attitude is toward the occupation of Iraq now that Saddam is gone and the Baath Party has been outlawed.

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April 2 :On this date in 2000, Ben Dlamini, a leading Bahá’í, wrote for the Times of Swaziland that Pope John Paul II on his recent visit to Israel “made no effort to meet the Bahá’ís.

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What a spiritual loss for the Pope’s pilgrimage to Israel!
By Dr. Ben Dlamini
The pilgrimage of the Pope to Israel has been very significant in that though Christianity originated in Israel but the Headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church has been established outside Israel. The Popes were responsible for the crusades which devastated Israel through many years of wars conducted by the Western powers against the Moslems who had occupied Israel.
There are four major religions in Israel. It is Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá’í Faith. It is very surprising that the Pope made an effort to meet Jews and Moslems, but made no effort to meet the Bahá’ís.
This was a serious omission on his part which will cause a great spiritual deprivation which he will regret in this life and in the life to come.
The Emperor of Austria did visit Israel in the 1870’s and omitted to go to Akka where Bahá’u’lláh was imprisoned and received a rebuke from God. Bahá’u’lláh wrote to him and said:
“0 Emperor of Austria! He who is the Dayspring of God’s light dwelt in Prison of Akka at the time when thou didst set forth to visit the Aqsa Mosque. Thou passed Him by, and enquired not about Him by whom every house is exalted and every lofty gate unlocked.”
The failure of the Emperor to enquire about Baha’u’llah was followed by retribution which cost the Emperor his throne.
Today Baha’u’llah is no longer in Akka. His shrine and the Headquarters of His religion is still in Akka and Haifa, hence there is no excuse for the Pope to omit to visit them when he undertook the pilgrimage to Israel. He cannot say that he did not know about these places, because the Israeli government has prepared the most beautiful brochures about the Baha’i holy places for all tourists to Israel. The Bahá’í buildings and gardens can [not] be found in Jerusalem, Nazareth or the sea of Galilee.
In the 1870’s Bahá’u’lláh wrote to Pope Pius IX a long tablet declaring that He has come to fulfill the promises made by Jesus the Christ that he would come again in the Glory of the Father.
Many Christians expect that Christ will come sitting on a cloud. This is fiction. The cloud Jesus Christ referred to is that which we see today. Christ has come in flesh and in a new name Bahá’u’lláh, and the learned priests including the Popes fail to recognise Him that it is the person they have been waiting for the last 2000 years. When the Pope undertook a pilgrimage to Israel I watched carefully whether he would be able to correct the great error of Pope Pius IX. It was to Pius IX and the priests of his generation that Bahá’u’lláh made the most astounding claim of being the return of Christ. Since Pius IX failed to heed this challenge and to test its validity, it was a great chance for the present Pope, when he made his pilgrimage to Israel to investigate the great claims made to his predecessor. In the following qoute Bahá’u’lláh is asking all Christians whether they fail to recognise Him as the returned Christ because of His new name. When He came 2000 years ago it was Jesus Christ, but now it is Bahá’u’lláh, the Glory of God: “Say, O followers of the Son! Have ye shut out yourselves from Me by reason of My Name?” Bahá’u’lláh, though a Prisoner of the Ottoman Empire, incarcerated in the Prison of Akka, gave direct instructions to Kings, the Pope and to all the priests as a King would command his vassals:
“O concourse of Priests! Leave the bells, and come forth, then, from your churches, It behoveth you, in this day, to proclaim aloud the Most Great Name among the Nations. Prefer ye to be silent, whilst every stone and every tree shouteth aloud: “The Lord is come in His great glory.”
It was God’s promise to Israel from time immemorial that the throne of God would be established on Mt Carmel. Bahá’u’lláh came to confirm that that time has now come. Today the throne of God has been established on Mt Cannel. Read the rest of this entry »

Women NOT allowed to serve the UHJ for at least 1,000 years!

There are two types of UHJ in the Baha’i writings.