Bahais in My Backyard – The MOTHER of all objective documentaries on the Haifan Baha’i Cult

Let me put it to you this way, it’s a Haifan Bahaim-Administrative Faith killer without a doubt all around. Every person who has seen this has been put off by the whole Disney-Haifa, hanging gardens of Babylon, New World Order, pseudo-Masonic, Parthenon wannabe, men-in- black-suits, meglomaniacal tripe that is the WC. People are saying things like the vibe they’re getting from the Bahaism over there is pure negativity and deception. One guy said he didn’t think Orwell could be so well executed on screen as a documentary until seeing
this, etc.

Now a very, very a good thing from my POV, is how it made Moshe Sharon (one of their ‘scholars’ on the payroll in Israel) look like the total creep and liar that he is. Everyone worth their salt has known that Husayn ‘Ali Nari’s family members were still living over there, and large numbers. For feck’s sake the WC itself has been warning pilgrims in Haifa about associating with these “covenant breakers,” not to frequent their shops, etc. That Naama put the spot-light prominently on Mm. Negar Bahai (whose mother was swindled by Shoghi Effendi) is a very, very good thing. Note well, and note carefully: that woman and her entire family are the last salvation and final refuge of your creed. Without them, you people are well and truly finished!

Yep, Miller speaks about it in detail, and I did some investigating of my own in 2000-2002. He sued Negar’s mother in the Israeli courts in the early 1950s (at precisely the same time he had cut a deal with the Ben Gurion government one by one appropriating properties of absentee Palestinians on Carmel wholesale) for the property in Bahji. Even
though all the deeds and documentation where unassailably and legally in the favor of the Baha’i family, with the army of American, Canadian and British attorneys Shoghi delic hired for this specific battle, he still got a court ruling designed explicitly in his favor — or rather a court ruling in his favor was rammed through by the Israeli government of David ben Gurion. Madame Baha’i represented herself because she could not afford otherwise. Shoghi never ever showed up to a single one of the hearings, so no prima facie argumentation over deedship or ownership of the Bahji property ever came from Shoghi personally. It did from Madame Baha’i, Negar’s mother. The transcripts still exist for anyone caring to look them up, that is if they are not fudged and dicked around by Moshe Sharon types within the Israeli bureaucracy. One of the reasons he got this favourable ruling – although any real judge worth their salt at the time should’ve seen right through the facts from the get-go – was that he managed to outspend the other side of the family into a favourable ruling from himself, i.e. with the army of American, Canadian and British solicitors/lawyers working for him night and day to swindle the Baha’i family out of their rightful inheritance.

Shoghi Effendi has a lot to answer for, and, alhamdulillah, his own Day Judgement is now arriving as well.

Now the Question is :— why did Abbas Effendi and then his grandson spawn this policy of shunning the family of your prophet beginning in the 1890s? This is not solely a BWC policy. It is a policy initiated by Abbas Effendi himself and perpetuated by Shoghi.
It is also the fundamental reason why Ibrahim George Kheyrullah broke from Abbas Effendi in the turn of the last century.

Written by NUR